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Design Definitions: Trending Rugs
By Calliope Kade, Interior Designer


You'll see these trending rugs in just about every designer project and blogger Instagram these days.
They lend a sense of history to an otherwise modern space; they bring a bit of adventure into our homes.
Learn more about the floor coverings that are all the rage right now.


The History: Morocco has a long history of rug making, but Boucherouites (pronounced boo-sher-WETS) are actually a recent style from early 2010s, with designers utilizing them to bring funky personality to interiors.
Defining Traits: A misshapen upcycled rag rug. Women from the Berber tribe hand-loom these rugs with scraps of sari fabric. Each design is unique.


The History: Kilims have centuries-old histories. They have been created by many cultures' nomadic tribes for thousands of years with the symbols specific to the tribes members.
Defining Traits: Pileless, flat woven carpets made from wool and natural dyes. Kilims feature bright colors, bold geometric designs & symbols. Most kilims used in boho design are Turkish.


The History: Made by women of the nomadic Beni Ourain tribes and originally intended as bedding, this style of rug is most respected in Morocco. The weaving art is passed down from mother to daughter & tells the story of the tribe. Defining Traits: Thick, handwoven, high-pile rugs made from wool. Tribal symbols depict superstitions, and religious themes.


The History: The Turkish Orientals have been around for 1000's of years but a new technique is giving the rugs new life. The rugs are naturally bleached then dyed up to 10X until color is intense. Defining Traits: Intense colors, distressed and aged look. Often seen in bright jewel tones with irregular coloring and fraying. A recycled piece, they're a perfect eco-friendly choice.