After seeing this lovingly restored 1963 Shasta, we're already planning our next glamping adventure.
It’s hard to believe the dreamy camper in these pictures once served as a run-down fishing house on a frozen Minnesota lake. But once it fell into the hands of Be Crafty blogger Amanda Rydell, and the talented sisters behind The White House Co., who were prowling Craigslist looking for their next vintage find, it was on its way to a stylish recovery. After dealing with some bumps on the long road to restoration, it’s finally safe to say this camper has arrived.
Hear more from Rydell on how the trio transformed this trashed trailer into a treasured home on the road.

1. What made you decide to restore a vintage camper?

As a lover of all things vintage, it has always been a dream of mine to own and restore a vintage camper. There is so much uniqueness in old campers and many of them just need a little love to bring them back to life.

2. Was this something you were looking for or something you stumbled upon?

It’s not uncommon to find me scrolling Craigslist looking for the next hidden treasure. I’ve always dreamt of finding a vintage trailer and then happened to stumble upon a 1963 vintage Shasta camper. One of the features that stole my heart was the original Shasta wings. I knew right away that it was perfect.

3. How would you describe your décor style?

Obviously I love a good vintage treasure whether it’s a trailer or a teacup. When it comes to décor style I love to mix vintage with modern, creating my own style. I also love mixing in bright colors—especially pink!


4. What was your inspiration when decorating?
Was it important to you to keep the aesthetic true to the vintage item you were restoring?

I loved scrolling through Pinterest for design inspiration but in the end it came down to creating a space that was cozy and functional, especially with such a small space. I definitely wanted to keep the vintage vibe but with a more modern feel. To do this, I ended up sticking with the original hardware and kitchenette but restored the tile and wood floor to give it a fresh look. I then mixed in a few of my favorite vintage accessories to complete.


5. What were some of the obstacles you ran into while restoring it?

This project wasn’t an easy one, even though I thought it would be. Little did I know there would be quite a few obstacles given that we were working on a dated camper. The biggest obstacle was restoring the wheel axle back to its original state [to make it drivable again], since here in Minnesota many vintage campers get turned into fish houses for ice fishing during the winter.

6. Where did you decide to splurge v. save?

The biggest expense was getting the wheel axle fixed and in working condition. In terms of saving, as much as I wanted to switch out the faucet and light fixture I decided to save there and change those out at a later date.


9. Any advice for others looking to tackle a restoration project like this?
My advice to anyone thinking about restoring a vintage camper is to make sure you take a good look at it inside and out, and to know how big of a project you're getting into. Many vintage trailers in need of restoration have issues both big and small. Just make sure you have the skill set or a handy dad that can come to your rescue!