Are our cookies as yummy as those pictured above?

Not so much. Web Cookies collect information needed to let the webshop function like it should. Cookies from are safe and best of all, calorie free.
They do not contain or collect personal information and are harmless to your pc, laptop, phone or laptop.
More information about privacy can be found in our Privacy Statement. 

What type of cookie flavors are there?
Cookies that make sure that:
- you will stay logged in;
- items in your shopping cart will be saved;
- you can shop in a safe online environment;
- you can read and write reviews;
- the website is fast;
- errors and discomforts can be traced back and solved;
- enhancement can be tested;
- we can give you personal advice and tips by comparing the products you bought or watched before;
- you can share products via social media like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. 

How long will the cookies exist on my pc?
Most of the cookies from dissapear when you close your browser window.
Some cookies will stay for several days or several years.
You can always throw away the cookies via the options for your browser.....
(although it seems like a waste of some good tasty cookies) 

More information about the cookie settings can be found by clicking the "Help" function in most of the browsers.
Note: Most websites don't work like they should when you turn of the cookies.So keep that in mind.

And be honest... Your coffee does taste better with some delicious cookies? (Or a cupcake once in awhile... You don't hear us complaining ;-) )