Counterfeiting is an enormous and growing problem. It’s not just the fact that consumers are duped into spending hard earned money on something of inferior quality and design.....It is the abusive labor involved in creating these items and the financial impact on the designers and all the people who work hard to build a quality brand. And remember, before you decide to purchase that look-alike purse at that street fair, it is an illegal practice.

Go Get Glam encourages you to support boycotting counterfeit products.

In the vast majority of cases, if an item’s price seems too good to be true, it is – and the item is likely a counterfeit. Go Get Glam can offer these items at amazing prices because our low prices are subsidized by our sponsors, and we also run a consignment service from our retail store location that provides us access to amazing vintage and current items for our clientele at incredible prices. In addition, our buyers travel the world to attend special events for luxury businesses in the market to purchase designer brand items. These trips give us the opportunity to buy luxury, designer brands at a discounted price and pass that savings on to you, our customer.

Given the ever increasing sophistication of the counterfeiters, it’s possible to unwittingly source items that are in fact fake even with every checkpoint in place. With that in mind,  Go Get Glam backs our confident claims with a 100% Authenticity Promise

If you have concerns about the authenticity of an item you have received from us, please contact us via the form below.

For more information on counterfeiting, and how to avoid buying fakes, visit:




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So happy!

So happy with this table set. No shipping charge and got here perfect in about a week or so and then got package with free gift from glam that I love. So thankful and love this store. Table set is beautiful and perfect for my house.


I've been looking for a table in this price range that would suit me and my eclectic decor style. In the past few years, I've ranged from Rustic to Industrial to Country and to Modern all with a change in decorative items in my house. My furniture has to be able to shift with my moods and this table is the perfect choice for my bi-polar decorating. I received it a month ago and I'm currently doing a modern thing with a rustic edge. I know I will have this table for years to come and can just keep changing styles and have it always be perfectly aligned. Received it in the 7 to 10 day time frame with no issues at all in perfect shape with free shipping. I felt even better about my purchase when I saw this set listed on Joss and Main site for $200 more than I paid here and it was a flash sale item there! To top it off, I received a beautiful gift from Glam, totally unexpected and made my day. I was hestitant purchasing here because I read three bad reviews on Google but then I read the reviews people had left here on items purchased and decided to give them a shot. So glad I did. I'm a loyal customer going forward. Great dealing with you and love the unique items you have to offer. Many thanks.


The mandala is even more beautiful in person.

Crochet insert one piece

The swimsuit looks and fits great, unfortunately the back is not lined and it is see through. I wanted to return the item ,but company doesn't take back swimsuits. In order to be able to wear it I have to have it lined or to wear with another bottom .Not happy with customer service. I purchased an item that is not wearable as is.

Love this Elephant!

I had been looking at this on Pintrest for some time. I was afraid it would not look the same in "real Life" But This piece is gorgeous! The fabric is a little thinner than I expected, but as it is hanging on the wall, no matter. The colours are wonderful-they almost move. I framed it with molding (about 1.5"wide) painted to look like verdigrised copper and it looks like a real painting - it just makes the room. Thank you so much GLAM!!