The "Gretta Gives" Fund

We celebrate our ability to give back in the form of charitable donations to the organizations listed below. A percentage of each customer's order total is submitted to our charitable fund each day and we match the total with company funds at fiscal year's end.

01. Why We Do It

Quite simply, because we can't imagine not doing it. The four of us were brought up with varying difficult circumstances, not one of us had what would be termed as a traditional childhood in a loving environment, but what we share as a commonly embraced belief as we stand now, is that together, we can make a difference in a bigger and bolder way than we could individually.  We believe that people are inherently good, that we are all a family regardless of color, sexual preference, gender, religious affiliations or social class. We know for sure that people tend to rise to meet the bar set for them by people who matter to them. We set our bars high, and we treat everyone we meet in life as if they were a sparkling, magical one-of-a-kind unicorn.  Because we are each blessed with the ability to be a better person tomorrow than we were today. And, good deeds, good thoughts, good intentions....the universe can't get enough. 

02. How We Choose

We choose causes close to our hearts, typically we invest in small groups who are making a difference with little fanfare and publicity. For 2016 and 2017 we have committed to a larger charitable organization in the fight for a cure for Autism and the promotion of Autism awareness. It is a cause we are drawn to simply by the sheer number of people close to us who are raising children in the spectrum.....Magical, sparkling, brilliant, rainbow-eyed kids who seem to have an understanding and a depth of emotion that leave us speechless with wonder, being raised by warrior Moms and Dads who are struggling to solve a medical mystery that has changed their lives in ways you can't imagine. Our remaining three choices, listed below, grip our hearts in a cosmic hug.


ASDF Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation

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