DRUNKO - The Drink & Dare Party Card Game


A Drinking Card Game for Daring Adults.

The best card game for your next party, regardless of whether you are for or against humanity! Drunko is for adults who love to get together with friends and have fun laughing their asses off at each others' expenses.

Game play follows the familiar rules of matching the number or color of the previous card laid, but adds the additional dimensions of drinking and executing hilarious dares. The five DARE theme categories are Lame, Horny, Dare Devil, Nympho and No Fear with eight progressively more challenging dares on each theme card. You may be dared to lip sync a song, or talk dirty to an opponent, or even run around half-naked. Be forewarned that choosing to not execute the dare means you'll have to finish your drink.

How far are you willing to go? What are you willing to do for a laugh? Will you take the drink or do the DARE? Buy today so you can be the hero at your next party!

NOTE: Blending two or more decks is ideal for larger parties.

Real Review:

By Alicia Hawk on August 21, 2015
Have you ever been playing UNO and wondered if you could turn it a fun drinking game? Well, DRUNKO is your answer.

Similar to UNO, DRUNKO follows the rules of matching number and color of cards. Unlike UNO, when you don’t have a matching card, you will have to take a drink, which occurs more often than you think. In addition, DRUNKO adds the element of doing dares, which can range from fairly tame to pretty crazy.

Here’s how the game is played. Begin by removing the rules card and the dare theme cards, which are Lame, Horny, Nympho, Dare Devil and No Fear, from the deck. Then, as a group, select the dare theme card to use for the game. Select a dealer to distribute about half the cards and to start a discard pile by flipping one of the remaining cards over and placing it next to the pile (also just like UNO). The person to the dealer’s left side then needs to lay down a matching card or take a drink. And around the circle you go until a player lays down all his/her cards and wins that round.

The real fun begins when a player chooses to lay the dare card, which means that player gets to select another player to execute a dare. Let’s say your group chose the Lame dare theme card at the beginning of the game, then one of your dares might be to improvise a rap about another player. If your group chose the Horny theme, then you might have to do a strip tease for everyone. If you can’t handle the dare, then your punishment is to finish the rest of your drink. But it is better to just do the dare and make your friends laugh!

This game is great fun, and the dares are intended to get the group laughing. Keep in mind that there are some dares that are pretty wild and might involve nudity and/or doing things to your friends you never thought you’d do (i.e. simulating your favorite sex position). But that is the point…have fun, laugh and get a little crazy!

This is not a children's game, and you might not want to play it with your family either (unless you are into that sort of thing). But if you and your friends enjoy laughing and know how to entertain...this is the perfect game for your next party.
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